Thank you, Mr. Kimball, for the awesome typing lessons, they have made my typing so much better. I love the lesson outline, it is so easy to follow and comprehend. The audios were so helpful. I wouldn’t change anything, it is awesome just like it is. Jesse Withrow.

Why The Typing Coach is Better

Using a typical typing program that teaches dependency on looking at the monitor or keyboard develops hard to break bad habits.

In contrast, The Typing Coach self-paced audio course uses a student-centered, systematic approach that quickly weans them away from looking at the keyboard or monitor.  This successful method was developed by a typing teacher who adapted his unique style to this individually self-paced online course that really works.

My vow to you is that when your students complete The Typing Coach course in the exact way described, they will type faster, more efficiently, and with fewer (if any) errors than taught by virtually any other computer or website program — and most live teaching.  They are going to do better on tests, assignments, and projects that require typing.

So, if you are tired of your students simply playing typing games and having it called real learning while not being very effective, get serious about them learning how to type correctly.  You are about to quickly realize The Typing Coach method is THE best way to learn.  Not the easiest, but the BEST.

Thank you for giving it a try,

The Typing Coach

“My typing never really improved until after I started using The Typing Coach!”     Ianthia Guy