Course Description

What to Expect

  • Follow my systematic lesson plan designed by a veteran typing teacher for your success.
  • Work at your own pace using audio, video, and written instructions.
  • Sit properly and type using all of your fingers—with fewer errors.
  • Test your progress with timed and scored proficiency tests.
  • Continue your growth with practice exercises.
  • Improve your performance on tests, assignments, work tasks, and more!
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to type at least ten words per minute with no more than one error per minute.
  • But remember, the sky is the limit!  Continue using our methods and you will soon move up to 45+ words per minute—a standard goal for employment!

Course Components

Audio, video, and written instruction along with typing speed and online assessment center that contains objective, timed, and scored proficiency tests.


Course Introduction
Slower Paced Lessons (for the younger ones)
The Practice and Testing Center
Before & After Snapshot

Having Good Posture
Home Row
Top Row
Bottom Row

Shift Keys
Evaluating Your Skills
Typing Practices
Number Row
Serious Practicing

Final Assessment


  • Self paced
  • Systematic (follow the steps and succeed)
  • Get quickly weaned from looking at the keyboard or monitor.  Other programs teach dependency on looking at the monitor or keyboard, developing hard to break bad habits.
  • Type faster with fewer (if any) errors.
  • Online testing center.
  • Learn by typing, not game playing.
  • Do better on tests, assignments, and projects that require typing.
  • Teacher Resource Center with printables, videos, and support.
  • One year Access Pass for only $17 per Typer!
  • Created by a veteran typing teacher.