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 These days, hardly any of us get through the day without some form of typing!  We are all connected by technology … whether it is a computer, phone or tablet. More than ever, kids are required to type research papers, essays, resumes, fill out online job applications, etc.

And in business, typing is nothing less than an essential skill.

No matter what you are working on, slow two-finger typing does not cut it!  Sitting huddled over your keyboard is uncomfortable and bad for your back and neck. Constantly looking from screen to keys is exhausting. And even with all of this effort, there are still so many mistakes!

Break the cycle and learn how to type quickly, accurately and comfortably. With The Typing Coach Online Typing Course, it is easier than you think to improve your typing on projects, business letters, emails, tests, and anything else you need to get into the computer!

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